An Email I sent Out From Work Today

by - July 30, 2009

Hi guys, So okay, when we were in the candy store and you asked me if I was coming tonight I all was like, “No”. Right?? So here is where the next part gets a little hazy for me….did I say to you, “I don’t have to explain myself to you?” because I THINK I did. But upon reflection I realized that that may have come out sounding REALLY bitchy when really I meant it as “I feel great that I do not need to explain my choice further because you guys aren’t the crazy Yessica monster who thinks that those who back out should be shot”. Really, I said that because I know you guys are wicked cool and wouldn’t judge me for not wanting to haul my tired ass up 4,000,000 stairs. But if I only said the “I don’t have to explain myself” part in my head, then I take it all back. Loves you guys!

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