BioShock Review

by - July 29, 2009

This game is amazing. I played it over a year (or more?) ago and I still think it is worthy of mentioning here. This is the first video game where I really noticed how bad ass the graphics were, and I literally almost pooped my pants when the opening cinematic switches to game play and you DON'T EVEN NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE. Man, this was also one of the first games I ever played that had the ability to scare the crap out of me (others being the whole Resident Evil series). The scene when you come upon Dr. Steinman for the first time?? SCARY.

Spoiler Alert Below Folks
I myself saved all the Little Sisters and had the heavenly magical ending. I think that I might play it again and be a bad ass and harvest them all for my own sick pleasure. This will bring me to the not so heavenly magical ending and I haven's seen that one yet!! Really though dudes, play this game. It's the shit. Can't wait for BioShock 2 coming in 2010!!

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