To Write or Not to Write.....

by - July 06, 2009

I had an amzing conversation with a 50-year-old woman this past weekend. She reminded me alot of me, and we started talking about writing and life. She worked in an office her whole life and hated it. Then at 50 she decided to quit her job and start writing a novel. She joined all these writing classes and discussion groups, and she even had the guts to read her work OUT LOUD in a cafe, like a freaking beatnik. God I am so jealous. It hurts me to think that I am wasting all my time in a dead-end job when I could be getting inspired everyday instead of going home after work and wanting to collapse. Is this what my life will be??? It will just slide by and one day I will wake up and realize I have wasted so much time on something I hate? Man. I suppose it is a lesson to myself to not LET that happen. But then how do you live?? This country makes it really hard to do what you want and to also make a living. England is not like this. Italy is not like this. All they want for us here is to work and work some more and when you are not working you should be thinking of work or you are lazy. I cant stand that way of being.

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