I'm Not Getting Older....I'm Just Getting Better!

by - August 24, 2009

This year I am turning 30. I am quite excited about this. I know so many people who dread this time in their life as it symbolizes getting old and losing your sense of 'cool'. I am not going to lie, I have experienced this myself in the last couple of years and it does make me feel old. I remember the first time I really felt this way was when my friend and I went to a bar and I swear to Christ it was underage night. I was a good 8-10 years older than most of the girls in the room, and the guys were so young I don't think they had the ability to grow any facial hair. We kind of just stood around and drank, and GOD I felt like such a tool. The night was capped off when two guys tried to pick us up. These guys were probably 19 and I remember they asked me what school I went to. I told them I was their teacher.

I just can't do the dance thing anymore. I mean, I am not really the dancing type. Whenever I would get drunk enough that I would allow my friends to drag me out to club, I was more the 'dance like an asshole' kind of girl. Girls are SO SERIOUS sometimes when they dance, like it is their calling in life to go out on Friday night and dance at a club. FOR FREE. Because they just wanna dance!!

I am in no way a wallflower. Get a few glasses of wine into this here party animal and I will swing my arms from side to side and jump up and down in a straight line like it's nobodies biz-ness. The thing is, I love to dance. I love to dance for myself and for my friends and for no one else. But that's not what this city has in mind on a Friday night. It wants to undress you with it's eyes and take you to bed and never call you again.

I just can't handle that kind of pressure in my old age.

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