Resident Evil 4

by - August 28, 2009

Look guys, I know I keep talking about old games but I only started this blog a while ago and I feel the need to talk about these games because they are amazing. So up next is Resident Evil 4. I remember sitting down on the floor in Dave's old apartment we lovingly nick-named 'The Dungeon', on account of it being in a basement and not having one SINGLE window. Oh how the pimply nerds in us loved that apartment. Anyway, I had a lot of beer and all the time in the world to start playing the next game in the Resident Evil series and oh, was I excited. This game has it all: action, crazy shootouts and shit-in-the-pants inducing horror scenes. I had been warned before I played that I had to pay attention AT ALL TIMES because you never knew when a cut scene was going to turn into game play. The first time that this happened I put down the controller for three seconds to watch the cinematic and take a drink of my beer and the next thing I knew: I was all "What the?" and Dave was, "I told you so" with a gleeful smile on his face. This game really is epic in the sense that the plot is so well written and the storyline so epic. No corners were cut to make this third person shooter a heroic saga. It is a long, awesome game. IGN gave it a 9.5 "Incredible" rating for it's release in 2005. PlayStation Magazine named it the 2005 Game of the Year. Can I point out any more accolades so that you will go and play it??
I don't want to go into too much of the game play and storyline here because this is truly a game that needs to be experienced on your own. With a lot of beer. And maybe a little of the weed. The only question that needs to be asked is:
What are you buying?

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