Taking A Walk Down Memory Lane

by - August 18, 2009

In my last post I talked about OSAP, and that made me reminisce about University. I went to a pretty good school (I believe it was all an accident that I was accepted there, but some would tell me to own up to my greatness) and I was lucky enough to have that good school be beautiful as well. I loved my campus. I loved walking to and from class in the Fall when the weather was brisk and you needed to walk quickly to keep yourself warm. I loved that the mature trees lining every walkway would change to the most spectacular colors and the crunch of the leaves underfoot was music to my ears.

I lived in residence and I was known as the floor 'mother' as I was the oldest (but man could I already hold my liquor!). Some of the kids I lived with were so...green when it came to partying and they did what EVERY kid does when they experience a taste of freedom, they went crazzzzzyy. I did a little bit myself as well, but I was mostly busy being too studious and too uptight when it came to the lack of phone calls my boyfriend at the time didn't make to me. God, its a little embarrassing thinking about what a stick in the mud I might have seemed like to a lot of people in my life then, when really I had always been the weirdest and craziest of the bunch. But not that year! Too much was at stake and I had an irrational feeling that if I didn't shove 100 pickles up my ass then my sense of control would have spiraled out of, well...control.

I did meet some amazing people that year though, a couple of them still being my close friends now. John and I lived on the same floor and the guy could make me laugh until I felt like I couldn't laugh anymore. I miss the days when he and I were late to history class but instead decided to be even later because we wanted to find out who the father was on Jenny Jones. Or the time we were an hour and a half early to our philosophy class so we decided to sit in the class and wait for it to begin. We just talked and waited, and about five minutes before the class started we looked at each other and he asked "Do you REALLY want to be here?". To which I replied "Ummmm no". So we left. But not before we left a note to the girl who sat in front of us to 'take some good notes!!"

It's memories such as these that I hold on to, because I DO NOT miss how my straight 'A' average in high school dropped to a 'C' in my first year, and not because I didn't try. I studied like I had never studied before, I called my mother and cried and told her I didn't think I could do it, I endured countless people walking by my open door as I read my notes out loud to the empty room in interesting voices so that I would remember the content...sigh, those were the days. Failing and being awkward and trying to control everything and deciding to drink too much to just forget the bullshit of it all.

Oh, wait, that's what I do now!

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