by - August 21, 2009

Last night we had one of the worst storms I have ever seen in my life. And I lived in the country for 10 years!
Dave and I were walking home from work last night and it was a bit rumbly and dark. I remember thinking to myself "This is going to be a wussy storm" and I actually made fun of the weak peals of thunder that we were hearing as we walked. We arrived home with nary a drop of water from the sky in sight, but once we were inside we did not have to wait long. Our apartment got pitch black within minutes and I got all excited...I love a good storm. But my excitement quickly changed to fear when I looked outside and saw the rain being blown in every direction by the violent winds. It was like we were watching a mini tornado form with the rain water, as it was swirling around as if calling for its bigger brother to come out to play. I was honestly really scared watching this storm. My brain kept thinking, "I hope someone is home downstairs and we have enough time to grab the cats so we can hide out in the basement".
Anyway, all was well with us, but unfortunately not so for others. Check out these links to read more about the storm:
The last link (blogTO) has some amazing pictures of the storm during and after. The colour of the sky is breathtaking.

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