by - August 27, 2009

So Dave and I decided to go on our first ZipCar adventure tonight. If you are not familiar with ZipCar it's a really cool car sharing program that allows you to essentially rent a car for super cheap if you are a member and pay an annual fee. Your annual fee includes unlimited amounts of gas, insurance, and 200km a day. How ridiculous is this annual fee you ask? We paid $55. That's right. And tonight we went online and rented the car for an hour to go to Dairy Queen. This endeavor cost us about $18. When you think about what it would have cost for the two of us to take the TTC to Dairy Queen (which really would not have been worth it) you will see that ZipCar is freaking AWESOME.

So before we go to Dairy Queen we decide to wet our palettes with a little bit o' McDonald's. Because when Dave and I go on a date, we go ALL out baby. There was a six pack of beer in the trunk for later. So we are at McDonald's and we are up ordering our food when we hear a commotion going on at the drive-thru window. A couple of girls were in their car yelling that the girl on the drive-thru headset was rude to them and they wanted the manager to do something about it. The manager was trying to placate them by telling them that she was going to reprimand her employee later, but this answer was not good enough for these girls in their car. They wanted to be served this girl's head on a platter. With fries.

So when the screaming at the window escalated and the driver was half out of her car yelling obscenities at the manager, Dave and I just looked at each other and were like, shit dude, it was nice knowing you. Then another girl came into the McDonald's and screamed, "You better shut your mouth little girl! You have NO idea who you are fucking with!". I mean....really?? Because you are going to to call your mommy to come down there right? I find that when people say stuff like that it's because they are trying to make up for the fact that umm...the person in question is really fucking with nobody?

The girls took off when the manager went running outside with her phone to call the police (this was after she threw their food in the garbage and refused to give them their money back). And you just know that Dave and I were acting all brave as we sat there calmly eating our dinner. Calmly sitting by the nearest exit so that when they decided to come back and show everyone just who they were fucking with, we could make a hasty retreat. And if history chose to repeat itself tonight, you know I would have left Dave eating my dust because that's what I do to the people I love most. Right Ciara?

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