Update: Beasts From The Past

by - August 10, 2009

There is one living in my house RIGHT NOW. I got up to go to the washroom two nights ago and it scurried out from under my foot. It ran under the magazine holding device (rack? thing?) which is directly across from the toilet, about two feet away. I bent over and kept my eye on the prehistoric mammoth and had a little chat with it: I promised it I wouldnt throw it outside and it could hunt all the bugs it wanted in my apartment if it would just stay away from me. I would never kill it because that is mean, but I would by god catch it gently in a glass and lower it slowly on to the pavement a few inches from my front door if I had half a mind!!

Needless to say my eyes never left the spot under the magazine rack thing and it knew not to move. I had to lower my pajama pants and sit with my feet sideways because there was no trust there you see? I could not be in such a prone position as this and have it charge at me head on. I had to at least employ some sort of survival tactic as I at that point was fearing for my life. My eyes never left its eyes, and I knew it could see me. But thankfully, it waited until I was finished before it ran its creepy zig-zagging way out from under the magazine thing, and I was able to screech like a little girl and run out of the bathroom to hide under my covers.

Oh hi!

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