Which Gangster Do I Take Out?

by - August 10, 2009

Spolier Alert Folks
So I am playing GTA 4 last night when all of a sudden I am faced with an extremely hard decision: Playboy X wants me to kill Dwayne Forge, and Dwayne Forge wants me to kill Playboy X. Now, I have done jobs for both of these guys and been rewarded handsomely, but I always sort of got the impression that Dwayne was the ringleader. I mean, he had just served hard time and was lamenting the fact that his girl was with a new man (who he asked me to take care of). Playboy seems like such a punk next to the likes of Dwayne, although he DOES live in a nicer apartment. He seems so carefree, with a 'que sera' type attitude. He even explained to me last night in a very heartfelt speech that the reason he was a gangster is because he is doing it for the children. He wants to make some money so he can build parks and schools. In the meantime, Dwayne just wants me to kill strip club managers. Sigh...what to do?? What would you do?
Dwayne...look how sad he is. Should I put him out of his misery?

Playboy X. Look how happy and stupid he is!! Would he even know what hit him? Anyway, to take out my anger at being faced with such a tough decision, I beat the crap out of a hooker and went home.
Update: Playboy ate it.

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