All I Want For Wednesday Is...On Thursday

by - September 03, 2009

I missed All I Want For Wednesday yesterday so I am going to post it today. Here it is: All I Want For Wednesday Is.... Halloween!

Man. How much do I miss being a kid on Halloween? I would spend the two weeks before Halloween getting SOOO excited. It was all I could think about. And it wasn't just about the candy, it was more about how creepy everything became. Nightfall seemed spookier around that time of year. The shadows on my bedroom wall would elongate in the streetlamps and take on a mind of their own. No one cared what their costumes looked like when we were kids, the night was about going outside when you normally would not be allowed to, and enjoying all that went bump in the night. Parents didn't have to worry too much about crazy people (the real ones) who would snatch their kids, so by the time I was in grade 4 I was allowed to go out on my own with my friends. I believe I dressed up as a hooker that year. With Day-Glo yellow hair. Sigh. Those were the days...
I vow to enjoy Halloween like a kid again this year!!! I am going to take a walk and visit scary houses and tell ghost stories until I am too afraid to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom by myself.
Dave will have to hold my hand.

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