Autumn Equinox Is Upon Us

by - September 22, 2009

Well folks, Fall is officially here.  My second favorite season after Winter.  Who wouldn't love the gorgeous colors that the trees descend upon us.  Or the crisp air and nights when you can see your breath?  There is nothing I love more then sinking into an oversized boy sweater, walking in the chill air, and knowing that soon I will be home and enjoying a warm cup of tea. 

So, I wanted to take the time to compose a list of all the awesome things I like to experience when it is officially Fall outside:
  1. Take many scenic drives.
  2. Visit Collingwood where the best apple picking lies.
  3. Visit Downey's Farm and pick up some amazing well-priced wines.  Get lost in the corn maze.
  4. Start making tea to warm my hands on my walks to work.
  5. Enjoy every cold, wonderful step it takes to get me home and into my fleece pajamas.
  6. Take a walk on Halloween with a flask of whiskey and tell scary ghost stories along the way.
  7. Visit abandoned houses and take pictures.
  8. Smell fresh air through my windows instead of the conditioned kind.
  9. Play lots of video games.  It's always more fun playing video games when it is cold outside.
  10. Begin perfecting my chilli recipe for another year.
Also not included on the list but which is high up there on things I love to do when it is Fall, is knit myself a new scarf.  Jessica brought me back some pea green lambs wool from Ireland a few months ago and I have been dying to make one.  I am going to post my progress along the way with that one, so stay tuned. 

I know it's hard to think of right now, especially here in Toronto where the temperature is 23 degrees Celsius and it feels like 32, but I want to know: 

What is your favorite thing to do when the weather gets colder?

(Ha! I cant wait to hear the response on this one!)

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