Guitar Hero 5: Kurt Cobain...ummm?

by - September 01, 2009

Does anyone else think that this a bit strange?? That Kurt Cobain is posthumously appearing on Guitar Hero 5? I mean, does this not go against everything he was about? Activision would have had to get permission from Courtney Love and Dave Grohl to gain rights to the two songs being used: Smells Like Teen Spirit and Lithium, and I wonder why they agreed to it? Money? More noble reasons like wanting young kids to be exposed to the awesome-ness that is Nirvana?

Whatever the reason might be, I find this a bit weird. The fact that Kurt Cobain never wanted to be a sell out and now he is being exposed in ways that I am sure he would not have agreed with makes me sort of sad.

Grunge is dead and this just seems like another nail in it's coffin.

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