Reminder to Back Up Your Shit People

by - September 22, 2009

Last weekend one of Dave's external hard drives went belly up.  This was particularily devastating to him because his entire body of work was on that hard drive.  All of his music back from when he started quietly recording himself playing guitar in his bedroom at his mom's house so as not to wake anyone.   Also located on this hard drive was all the score that he has done for the current movie he is working on, plus the scores and audio for a couple of movies that have yet to see the light of day.  So again, devastating. What makes it even worse is that none of it was backed up.  GAH!!! Hard lesson learned, but learned very well all the same.

So instead of curling up into a ball and wanting die like I would (you should have seen me last night when the sidebar on this blog decided to crawl to the bottom of the page.  The world came to an end and I only saw darkness), Dave did his research into how much it would cost to recover all his data.  And holy mother of christ do those people have you by the balls.  The going rate it seems is between $1500-$2000 dollars on account of the delicacy of the operation.  An expert money-stealer, in an extremely sterile environment, opens up the hard drive to expose the magnets inside.  Depending on how dead it actually is, they can either remove the magnets and place them into another sterile casing and into another hard drive, or they would have to take pictures of the magnets themselves so as to manually transfer the data from the images onto another hard drive.  I can see the latter costing quite a bit of money as that could take a lot of time and effort, but to charge even $1000 to move a few magnets from one place to another?

Dave:  0

People in Space Suits:  Your soul.

Back up your shit!!

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