Yes, I Love You Strange Man

by - September 25, 2009

I am wearing a shirt today that says, "I Love Nerds".  It's amazing to me the reaction that this shirt seems to get out of people. 

For instance, most girls, friends for instance, think that it is really cute.  I have also had my fair share of random girls who are passing me on the street tell me that they like my shirt. 

But it's the boys reactions that I find particularily hilarious.  First of all, and not because this is something I thought of while buying the shirt, is the fact that the words are written directly across my boobs.  I have always been a bit of a prude when it comes to strangers and my boobs, so it is sometimes wierd and always creepy to me when someone comments on something that they needed to stare right at my tits to see.  It doesn't make me angry or anything, just gets a bit strange as the guy's creep factor gets higher and higher. 

I have had the standard reaction from a guy who also politely tells me "I like your shirt", which is perfectly fine and nice.  But then I get guys who feel the need to let me know that THEY ARE NERDS!! SEE ME OVER HERE WHERE I AM POINTING!! ME! while I am passing them on the street.  Or from other random dudes, "Can I be your nerd?"  and "I love girls who love nerds!", and some other such nonsense.  And I am all, are staring at my boobs in BROAD DAYLIGHT.

So this brings me to fondly remember all the other shirts that I have owned that will go down in history as invoking some awesome reactions out of people:
  1. A shirt that read 'Degrassi Junior High'- this received a, "Hey Caitlin! You're hot!"

  2. A Ninja Turtles shirt with the word 'Cowabunga!' written on it.  This one got a "Oh wow.  Awesome shirt! No really! Makes me feel good inside".  (Uhhhh....)

  3. A bright red shirt I picked up one year at the Vagina Monologues that read 'Freedom Zone. No Rape'.  This one got the best reaction of them ALL.  I had some a-hole ask me if I ever wondered if girls actually enjoyed it when they got raped.  (DANGER, WILL ROBINSON! DANGER!)

So that has been my plethora of shirts that make guys turn into drooling neanderthals.  Since I am not really sweet on the neanderthal type, my advice to girls who are: 

Go out and buy yourself one of these shirts.  You will have them eating out of your hand.

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