You're Back To THIS Again?

by - September 01, 2009

I am not sure I have ever REALLY expressed my anger towards this guy right here. I hate to keep returning to the scene of my hate but my god people, trying to beat this guy makes my eyeballs go wonky. I dislike him. I do. He is like the big dumb jock who shows up uninvited to your party. You know the one: the guy who picks fights with all your sensitive musician friends and who rips the tab off his Maximum Ice with his teeth.

I just can't beat him and it KILLS me. I AM GOOD AT PUZZLES dammit! I am amazing at getting into the zone, learning the repetitive motions of a character and crushing him (or her)against his own computer generated moves. Screw this guy. He seems so random and I become this red-eyed staring maniac trying to dodge his moose-like fists because he is JUST TOO FAST. I mean come on, he seems like a dumb oaf who has no idea the speed of my character, my quick wit and intelligence that translates into my fists.

It has become something in my mind that I must conquer, and I know that eventually I will. One day things will just click and like all the fighters before him I will be all "What Soda Popinski? Oh man he is so easy to beat. Pshhh" and I will puff my chest out and show my tail feathers just so you know how awesome I really am. But until then, my rage for this douche just keeps building.

Has anyone beat this a-hole?

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