After the Rant Comes My New Form of Relaxation

by - October 09, 2009

Last night was my second sewing class and it was great.  I was so lost in my work and didn't even realize when the two and a half hours were up.  Our projects were to practice straight lines, angles, and circles (!) on the sewing machine.  It is just so calming to work with your hands, to have something tangible in front of you that is not a number, or someone calling you on the phone to ask you about an invoice (barf). 

So here are my samples!  They go from first to last, and the more I practiced, the better I got.  Except for the circles one.  My teacher held it up for the class to see and said "Look everyone! Katherine is making up her own shapes!", and everyone laughed, including me, because no one is there to judge.

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