All I Want For Wednesday Is...

by - October 14, 2009


Where does the time go?  I feel like I am always way too busy and have time for nothing.  And it's not as if I am doing things I want to be doing.  I am working.  And not a good kind of working, like on art or writing or researching cool things to do. 

And then time works against me some more in another sense: I am getting older and the amount that I used to be able to push time, to bend it, is becoming less and less.  Work 8 hours? That's okay, I have another 12 hours to do what I want to do!! Not anymore.

Over time your body gets tired.  Your brain begins to feel the weight of the clock hanging over your head daily.  For me, it's almost a physical weight, because I am where I am, and not where I want to be.

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