And The Winner Is....

by - October 23, 2009

The results are in for my Creative Writing Challenge contest!!! I was supposed to post the winner yesterday, but neglected to becaue I got sucked into watching The O.C.  Sorry folks.

The contest was to write a comment on my post about creepy stories: I wanted comments that talked about scary stories, scary experiences, creepy houses, etc.  The comment could have been fictional or real.  I would then choose the best comment and the winner would be a guest writer on my blog on Halloween!

I couldn't decide on just one, so I chose TWO winners!!  These were their comments:

Anonymous said...

The crystal ballroom at the king eddy is still, by far, the best taste of urban exploration I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. If you want a place to make believe, and let your imagination run wild THAT is the place to do it. Also, the abandoned wing of St. Joes's... It used to house the crazy folks until they booted them out and left the entire wing abandoned. To this day I still don't understand how 3 inches of bird poop was able to collect INSIDE the building. ....creeeepy...... :)

As well as:

Rob F said...

Bullet holes and pickled octipus in the celler!

I lived in an old highrise in Mississauga at one point when I was young. I remember lying in bed one night and not being able to sleep. It wasent pitch black, I usually slept with the hall light on. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something come out of the spare bedroom, and enter the hallway. I turned and looked directly at it and saw the shape of a huge man. He wasent a black shadow It was kinda like when you rub your eyes and you see little dots for a bit. It was made up of that. I just stared and he stared at me, then it turned around and walk down the hallway. and for some reason I never told my parents about it

And there you have it!! Two stories will be posted on my blog on the day of Halloween that will get you into the spirit! And because I know the winners personally (thanks guys!) the other prize is a lovely night of company with yours truly, and BEER!

Thanks to all those who left a comment, they were all so great! Stay tuned for my next creative contest, coming soon. Think Christmas!

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