For the Weather

by - October 25, 2009

I wrote this a long time ago, at this time of year.  I was gazing out the window of a classroom I was in and feeling very nostalgic for home.  I was also very happy to be inside.

There is a tree in my line of vision.  The bark on it is darker than it should be, because of the cold rain that is falling.  And cold it is.  It's one of those days where the rain falls very heavy, with interspersed drops of snow that seem to dive bomb to the ground.  The tree shows signs of previous weather damage: broken branches and stripped bark, leaving patches that resemble newborn saplings.  There are a few last stragglers of leaves clinging precariously to their branches, waiting for a breath of wind to tear them away to reveal just a bare skeleton of a tree.  No animals scurry through the branches anymore.  Most are spending their time on the ground, scrounging for scraps to stow away before the first snow comes.  Everything is dull and grey.  Any bit of color left looks muted and cold.  I would much rather be in my bed, with a cat or two wrapped around me for extra comfort.  Instead I am looking at cold, dull trees.

How does this time of year make you feel?

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