How You Know She Is Your Best Friend

by - October 22, 2009

I have the BEST best friend ever.  We met when we were 11-years-old, and we have never been mentally apart, even if we were physically.  Here is how I know she is my one and only:

  1. We had the same hair when we met.  She skipped down the street towards me and told me she liked The Doors.  I thought she was rad.
  2. We would make up synchronized swim routines to show off to the hunky local pool lifeguards.
  3. We started smoking together.
  4. We started inhaling together, and thought it felt soooo coool.
  5. We made potions out of dirt, sticks and poison berries and left them in sheds for my family to find.
  6. Marshmallows bound us together forever.
  7. We wrote letters to each other EVERY DAY.  After spending the whole day together.  Letters about our day.
  8. We read to each other in trees (Phantom Valley books.  Anyone remember those?)
  9. A Cavalier was our Eutopia (my sister owned a Cavalier and we spent our lives in it from the ages of 14-16).
  10. We snuck into a Baptist church to hear the choir sing and laughed like apes when we were scolded for chewing gum.
  11. My So-Called Life was OUR lives.
  12. We asked my sister to borrow her car to go on a short drive and drove it really far to the beach at night.  And Ciara let me drive.  Without a license.
  13. Our minds were melded many MANY times as youngsters who liked to dabble, kna'mean?
  14. Our favorite kind of gum was 'ghost gum'.  Made from marshmallows and our grubby little fingers wooshing and smooshing to turn it into the consistency of gum.  Kind of.
  15. Remember the Flinstones?  Dino would make a sound when he would crunch down on a bone.  Ciara and I can mimic that sound while burping.  These are forever called 'Dino Crunch Burps'.
  16. When we are together, all we do is laugh like maniacs.  We turn into best friend snobs where no one else matters except for us.  
  17. When I 'broke' my rib, she 'broke' her boob in sympathy.
  18. I once thought I was squeezing her elbow in the dark.  I was really squeezing her boob.  She did not scold me or call me a perv.  Gotta love a woman like that.
  19. She is River Pheonix and I am Wil Wheaton in Stand By Me.
  20.  I would take a bullet for her.  I would move the world to get to her if i needed to.
We should get a room, I know.  But she is a constant in my life, and I lerve her.  Also, I am watching The O.C. right now and feeling like a tool because I am getting all weepy.  If she was here, she would be too.

Now that's love.

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