I Love Me Some Creepiness....Especially In Flash Animation Form

by - October 26, 2009

I have been a long time follower and huge fan of the flash animation series Salad Fingers.   I stumbled upon David Firth's website Fat-Pie.com back in 2002, in my second year of university and the beginning of my many MANY days of procrastinating by watching things on the internet. 

Mr. Firth has many flash cartoons available on his site, and I promsise you, all of them are just as cool as the Salad Fingers series.  You need to be a little bit brain damaged and slightly morbid to enjoy these, but watch all 8 episodes of Salad Fingers.  Get your feet wet with those mental little ditties.  You won't be disappointed!

I leave you with my personal favorite, Salad Fingers Episode # 5, Picnic.

And no David Firth is not my friend.  He can be if he wants to though!  Maybe he can create a series based off of me:  'Hormonal Girl', a series about a hormonally imbalanced serial killer who flys off the handle because you looked at her wrong or said something insensitive.

Give me a call David!

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