One Person's Trash...

by - October 07, 2009

Dave and I were walking home from work yesterday when I spotted a pretty non-descript suitcase type thing resting on the curb.  But I knew what it was.  Oh did I ever.  So Dave and I crouched down like two little kids burning ants and opened up my treasure.  And it was what I knew it would be: a beautiful, lovely, old typewriter.  We snatched it up and ran home as if we were stealing something, and once we got there we opened it up and I heard birds sing.  I went over that thing from top to bottom, checking the keys, the ribbon, looking up why there was no number 1 on it.  I did know why at one point in time but I had forgotten.  So I excitedly looked it up.

We then set about looking up the seriel number on the Typewriter Database and found that it is an Olympia (it says that right on the typewriter) portable SM 3 or 4.  These models were made in the 50s and 60s, so that excited me even more. 

But what I wanted to know, as I gently put away my new baby until further use, why would a typewriter that is in such good shape by thrown out? 

For me to find is why!!!

*This last photo: credit goes to Dave
Well now, isn't that just as sweet as pie?

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