Rants In My Pants

by - October 09, 2009

Two things are weighing heavy on my mind on this rainy Friday morning:

  1. I know that the construction job needs to get done.  I know that you are ripping up the street I work on, the streetcar tracks, blocking off traffic and slowing down businesses in the area.  I know that you are stinky and noisy and I also know that I have grown to hate you over the last few weeks.  I also am aware that the hate will grow over the next few months that you are banging away in my brain.  My question to you is: why cant you just take your big machines, and your big rocks, and go play somewhere else?

  2. Why do people bring their dogs with them to a coffee shop when they are planning to sit down and have a coffee, or a meeting?  So many times have I seen a poor dog sitting out in the rain (like today) staring longingly in at their owner who is enjoying a nice steaming cup of coffee.  Why not just kick your dog?  Or string it up by it's ears? Because I honestly think you are being just as mean and neglectful when you selfishly bring your dog and make it sit outside in the  rain so you can do what you want to do. 
And that ends this installemt of Rants in my Pants.  Thank you for listening.

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