A Thursday Afternoon Work Visual

by - October 22, 2009

So, picture me hunched over my desk, working away.  Quietly, doing my work so as to make this company a whole lot more money today.  Not a sound is coming out of me, only out of my speakers which are softly playing background music.  Creating some ambiance, if you will.

Then picture the owner of the company frantically running around like a crazy person.  Eventually she pokes her head over my wall and tells me that there will be VERY IMPORTANT interviews taking place today, and to please make the floor look presentable, etc.  Okay fine.  I will act as your cleaning person, even though you already have one that you pay.  So my co-worker and I proceed to tidy up, empty paper boxes, and carry very heavy boxes down the rickety basement steps to clear the clutter.  Okay.  Great.

A couple of minutes later the same head pokes up over my wall again to re-iterate once more, how important it is that the floor looks good for these interviews.  That these are VERY IMPORTANT people.  Right.  Listen lady, I already cleaned up for you, what more do you want from me?

She then runs up the stairs and returns a minute later.  Just as a I get a little 'doo-dah' that I have recieved a new email.  This email says that some VERY IMPORTANT people are coming today and over the next few weeks so to keep things presentable (holy mother, we GET it).  But then it also said that we need to make sure we look presentable as well. 

Woah.  You might as well ask me to punch my mother in the face.  That is just SICK.

As I reflect back to what the boss lady was seeing, I have no idea why she felt the need to talk to us like we are bratty teenagers who are going to embarrass her in front of the VERY IMPORTANT people.  I mean, as she was telling us the second time I was only listening to reggae.  Twirling my greasy hair around my fingers and chewing gum like a cow.  Wearing only a bra and pajama bottoms and doing a line of coke off my coworkers tits.  I mean, c'mon! Relax already! 

Although, I WILL NOT make myself look presentable.  That is just asking way too much of me. 


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