Book Review: Snuff by Chuck Palahniuk

by - November 10, 2009

So.  Snuff.  First off let me say that I am obsessed with Chuck.  I want to marry him and have him tell our kids stories like the ones he writes about in his books.  Because they would grow up to be very well-adjusted adults I bet.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's talk a little about this book.  I loved the idea behind it.  An aging porn star wants to go out with a bang by banging 600 dudes a la Metro's Houston 500.   The fact that good ole' Charles has no problems writing a book based around the porn industry gives me a good chuckle.  He really is a genius who has no qualms writing about any kind of taboo.  And for this, I love him.

In the book, Cassie Wright wants to make sure that her aging money maker has a meet and greet with 600 love darts before she leaves the industry for good.  Little does anyone know that someone there is meant to die.  How can a you take a porn and have it live on forever?  Turn it into a snuff film. 

With whispers of illegitimate children floating around the set, everyone wants to be Cassie's offspring.  She is leaving behind a legacy for her kid that will take them through life easy peasy.  So when rumours begin to surface that she is planning to die for the child she gave up, things go from 'a little sticky from the lube', to 'the condom broke and my life is over' very quickly.

Chuck has the reader follow three men, numbers 137, 600, and 72 in a first person perspective of what each is going through and thinking while waiting on set to have their turn with Ms. Wright.  Being complete strangers, each plays a significant role in the others' experience, until finally it all comes to a 'searing' end for one of them.

Honestly, like I said,  the idea of this book is an amazing one.  But, it fell a little flat for me.  The execution of the story was lackluster and not full of the usual energy that one see's in Chucky's books.  Rant, Choke, Haunted, these are all books that grabbed me from the first sentence and didn't put me down until the end.  And then they picked me up and slammed me back against the wall the way that Mr. Palahniuk is wont to do.  Snuff had the right intentions of carrying out the same actions, but seemed rushed near the end.

If you want a good read, read this book.  I highly reccomend it.  If you are very familiar with many of Chuck Palahniuk's works, I still say read it, but try not to be too disappointed. 

Take it from me, a true Palahniulover.

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