Drawing A Blank Here

by - November 14, 2009

So, we have been knocked down with some sort of sickness here at the Kato/ Dave residence.  Not sure what it is but Dave was pretty bad on Thursday night and I followed suit.  I am not near as sick as Dave, but I think I am fighting whatever he has and the fighting has taken me out.  Not to mention taking care of the poor guy.  I just want him to get better!

I wanted to leave you with a list of things that I have learned over the last few days, of being sick:

  1. Don't tell your partner that you think they are dying.  Probably doesn't help anything to say that.
  2. Don't eat popcorn when you are not feeling well.  I am here to tell you that it does not make you feel better.
  3. Campbell's Thick and Chunky Vegetable Beef soup is not that tasty.  I felt like I was a horse licking a block of salt.
  4. Make sure you have DVDs stocked of movies or shows you have never seen before.  It makes a person feel so much better to lie there and rot while watching previously un-viewed material.  At least I think it would.  We don't have anything we haven't already watched.
  5. And this is the # 1 great piece of advice I can give to you world: Don't try to pour out a spoonful of Buckley's when you are lying down in bed.  It will end up all over the bed and you will have to lie in goo and your own misery.
I have imparted my wisdom.  I must go and melt into my bed for a little while longer.  

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