by - November 29, 2009

So what's the deal with people who collect dolls?  I mean, I don't think there is anything wrong with it per se, except that I find it pretty effing terrifying.  I am not talking about the pretty dolls that people keep locked behind curio cabinet doors (although, those are pretty scary to me as well), but the old, decrepit dolls that look like they have crawled out of a grave somewhere, trying to find the little girl or boy that once loved and cuddled them.

Honestly? I am sure that those teeth were not originally shoved into the doll's mouth like that, but alright.  An interesting approach.  I sure hope that someone gave their child this doll, and that the kid lived a normal life with no fear of floating anywhere.  Especially 'down here'.

The fear of dolls is called pediophobia.  Many children exhibit this fear when a parent hands them a doll, and they have not yet learned how to separate fantasy from reality, and believe the doll to be a real person.  A silent little person that will kill them in their sleep if they don't remain vigilant and sleep with one eye open.

I, myself, have a debilitating fear of clowns.  It started, I believe, when my mother hung a clown that was sitting on a little swing directly across from where I lay in bed at night.  I would lie awake staring at this thing until it took on a life of it's own and I would scream for my mother to take it down.  I have since learned that my fear comes from the fact that they paint their faces.  WHY? This scares me.  I feel like they have something to hide.  Like razor blades hidden under their tongues and poison candy in their pocketses.

I used to have a recurring dream when I was little that there was a clown hiding under my bed and a ghost in my closet.  In the dream I would be sitting on my bed, terrified as the clown grabbed a hold of my legs and the ghost my arms, each trying to pull me into their own lair, to make child pies out of my soft body and necklaces out of my teeth.  It didn't help that whenever I walked into the room that my sister and I shared she would scream "Look Katherine!!!!! There's a clown under the bed!!! Oh my god he is about to grab you run quick!!!!".

Seriously though, what a ho.

What's your biggest fear?

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