I'm Back. I Think.

by - November 15, 2009

Hello blogosphere! How I have missed you!  First off, I wanted to say thank you to all my awesome blog friends who wished me well in my sick journey.  And what a journey it was.  Not just for me, but for the Dave/ Kato household.  We still are only kind of resembling something human, but slowly things are getting back to normal.  Well, for me at least.

Saturday found Dave and I looking forward to the day.  It was a gorgeous day outside (by the way, what is with this freaky weather?  We live in CANADA for crying out loud!)  and we were looking forward to maybe going out into the world and enjoying a bit of warm sun on our pale, pale faces.  So we decided to go to our favorite breakfast  place, what with it being a two and a half minute walk down the street.  So we got dressed, we brushed our teeth for the first time in days, and it seemed like every effort we made felt great.  We commented on how it was so wonderful that we were able to go outside and have a good breakfast.  Really, we were on top of the world.

Our moods were lifted even higher when we stepped outside and were bathed in the Spring-like sunshine.  It was so beautiful out that store owners had their doors open out onto the street, and people were sitting on benches smiling, commenting on what a lovely day it was.  We were floating on air! This was the greatest sick comeback in history! 

But then as we walked, it began to feel like we were walking through wet concrete.  Each step became harder and harder to take.  Uh oh.  Maybe we over-stepped our bounds with the Sick gods. Or maybe we aren't welcome yet in Healthy's House?  Too late now, we are almost there.  We ordered breakfast and figured some fresh juice might make us feel better.  Hmmm....nope.  It was the most pathetic breakfast adventure ever!  And we tried so hard to make it a good one.  We forced our bodies to accept the food we offered it, and went home.  It was there we proceeded to die a little on the couch together.  Oh, and forcing your body to eat when it doesn't want to?  Not a good idea folks.  It will expel it.  Violently.  Whichever way it can.  Yes I just said that.

I had made a promise to one of my best friend's that I would go out with her and have a couple of relaxing drinks at one of our favorite places in the city, Sneaky Dee's.  I know what you are thinking right now.  You are thinking WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?  and my thought process was, 'maybe if I force myself to go out and have fun, then I will feel better'.  Again, Sick- 1, Kato- a big fat zero.  As I sat there in that hipster bar, spaced out and not even on any really good drugs, I couldn't help but notice people's faces.  There was such a nice mixture of groups there last night that it made me happy.  The Asian group with the one White girl sitting in the middle of them all made me think that it was a learn to speak English class enjoying a beer together.  The girl and guy sitting across from each other awkwardly: a first date.  The cute girl in the tights and boho hat sitting nonchalantly with her leg up on the seat with her group of friends: just a chill Saturday night with good friends.  The white-haired lady and her gentlemen friends sipping strong smelling coffee at the table beside me: pretty cool folks for coming to a punk/ indie rock bar on a Saturday night.  Makes me think they had been enjoying this particular Saturday night ritual for ages, and no matter what kind of change the place may have seen, they were still the same.

Unfortunately, my spaced out craziness and staring at people like a maniac could not go on for too long, as I was fading very fast.  I held on to some sort of semblance that I was having a good time, but my friends saw right through me.  Thankfully they are understanding and great and didn't mind that I bailed before 11PM.

I came home to a still very sick Dave and I forced him to take some medication which is weird for the both of us because we are not the medication taking type.  But honestly, he is so sick that I figured a little Neocitron might help.  Nope.  It just made him throw up, and I felt terrible.

And this is where we are today.  I am feeling well enough to sit here and type this nonsense (and I thank you to those that have made it this far!) and I suppose I should go to work tomorrow.  Dave is still not well enough to attend the fine institution that is our work place so he will stay home and hopefully get better by lying on the couch and sleeping all day.

Lucky guy.  Just kidding.

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