Is It Friday Yet?

by - November 12, 2009

More like, is it Friday at 10PM and am I already in bed yet?  Because that sounds like heaven to me right now.  I am being kicked in the face over and over every morning these days.  By my own exhaustion.  It's not a lovely thing.

So posting today will be light.  I have sewing class tonight (will the skirt be finished? Stay tuned!) and I have a sick boyfriend at home who needs me.  Just call me Florence Nightingale.

So I wanted to leave you with a little peep into my world of work yesterday:

I am not sure I have ever mentioned that Dave and I work together.  So not only do we live together and see each other all night, but we work together and see each other all day as well.  I am ok with this.  I am on one floor and he is on another.  We don't act like a couple when we are here.  I am sure new people would realize there is something going on between us because of our level of comfort with one another, but we never act like a co-habitating couple (isn't that the most ROMANTIC way to label a relationship?) when we are here.

So when I went upstairs yesterday to tell Dave that I had won a blog award (thanks Josh!), in my excitement I knocked a few things off of his desk and into the realm of the five inches of space behind it.  Oops.  I tried to reach my arm down as far as I could but to no avail.  I could not grab his little blue angry-faced stress ball no matter how hard I tried.  My shoulder kept stopping me.  So then Dave gave it a try.  He cleared a bunch of things off his desk and ree--aa--cched as far as he could, but again, nothing.  I figured if I climbed onto his desk and leaned over that way that I would have more leverage.  So I sprawled across his desk and shoved my arm into the abyss and oh!! So close!!  Just a little further!

So Dave grabbed me around my thighs and pushed.  I turned into a 90 degree angle and proceeded to reach as far as my damn limiting limbs would allow.  My head and shoulder were being rammed into the wall with alarming pressure and still my fingers only just brushed the top.  I needed to let him know what his duty was at that moment, and I needed to make sure that I did not mince my words:

"Harder! Push harder!"

And then a co-worker walked in.  She took one look at us and said, "Woah.  You guys are friggin' kinky". 

Dave looked at her from his position of holding up my legs and ramming me into the wall.  I looked at her from my position of being rammed.  I mean, what do you say to that?  At that point I had reached the blue ball (shush your naughty minds) so I held it up for all to see, "I was trying to get the blue guy".  Uh huh.

And there you have it.  A nice visual to take you through the day today.  To bring you happily into tomorrow, I have an amazing quote that was thrown into the universe yesterday, also at work:

"I don't really like the smell of babies.  They smell like the inside of a human".


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