A Little Piece of Sunshine

by - November 11, 2009

I received my very first blog award today!!  Joshua over at The Technical Parent was so kind as to hand this one over to me and I am eternally grateful to him for doing so.  I have this blog because I love writing, but it's nice when someone else tips their hat your way to show their appreciation.

So along with this award comes some rules.  I have to list five blogs floating out in the blogosphere that I enjoy reading regularly, which won't be hard for me to do!  So again, Joshua, thank you! thank you! thank you SO much!

1. This Train of Thought Has Been Derailed- I love, love, love reading what she has to say on a daily basis.  I swear we are long lost relatives of some sort! Love her humour, love the situations she gets herself into.  Thank you Queen High Mistress of the Universe!

2. Toronto City Life- Honestly, such a beautiful blog.  This guy makes me fall in love with this city through his amazing photos.  Please- do yourself a favor and check this one out..

3. Secret Office Confessions- this girl makes me pee my pants on a regular basis.  First person in the world to make me laugh at 8 in the morning.  Thanks Kate!

4. Kitty Tells It As It Is- I am enamored with her stories.  She has a beautiful blogging voice to my ears. 

5. The Technical Parent- Because you ARE the little brother I had growing up.  In a long lost kind of sense.  Thanks again man!

Honestly, you will not be disappointed if you check out these blogs.  Happy reading and thank you!

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