Murphy's Law

by - November 30, 2009

Today started out as pretty fantastic.  Actually, today started yesterday when I made the fantastic plans for today.  Make sense? I apologize if this entire post does not make sense, but today, my life did not make sense.  Alright fine.  I am being melodramatic.

The plans that Dave and I had for today were for having a fun adventure albeit a practical one as well.  Fun because I wanted to go and pick up some Christmas-y decor, and practical because while we were doing that I could pick up some other things I needed. 

So I suggested that we go for breakfast and then head to Wal-Mart.  Even though I go to Wal-Mart, it does not mean that I like it.  I sort of despise it to be honest with you.  But I feel like I am trapped because they have what I need all in one place.  And they have the 10-foot smile rule.  Only everyone just wants to secretly harm all the customers in the store.  I know, I used to work there.  Stupid corporation.

Breakfast is always exciting on Sunday's (and sometimes Saturday's) because we go to the same breakfast place every time.  It is a delicious place that serves only organic dishes, and their eggs are to die for.  As well as their lattes.  I am extremely lactose intolerant (and am too lazy to take the pills) but I suffer for those lattes.  We ended up getting there at 20 minutes to 4, which is when they close, but they were sweet enough to serve us anyway.  I know! Breakfast at 4PM! It's just how we roll.  Sunday's are L-A-Z-Y days in the Kato/ Dave residence.  Anyways, because we did not want to be rude, we wolfed down our food as quickly as we could so that they could lock up and get home.  That was the first bump in the road.

When we left our breakfast place, it started to rain.  Great.  Nothing like walking to Wal-Mart (or hell on earth if you will) in a cold rain.  So we decided to buy a day pass and take the bus.  Now here is where the next bump comes along because folks, I HATE THE TTC.  If it was a nice day, we would have just walked the 45 minutes to and from and been perfectly happy.  But Dave has these old converse, and they leak and give him super soakers, and nothing sucks more than dirty Toronto water squishing around in your socks.  So the bus it is.  Because we couldn't really catch a bus anywhere near where we wanted to be, we ended up having to walk for a while anyway.  In that time, I don't think a bus passed us by.  If we hadn't of walked the amount that we already had, we would have been standing in the rain anyway, only not getting anywhere.  And I don't like that.  I would much rather be moving.  So we finally got to a bus stop that was acceptable to wait at (even though it had no shelter), and to pass the time, I blew Dave's mind with my rendition of November Rain.  I got so into singing the song that I am sure the people driving by were enjoying the show.  My dance moves were unlike any other ever danced before and my air guitar was on par with the greats.  Only all that moving and shaking was disrupting the contents of my stomach giving me a really horrible belly ache.  Oh yeah!! That's why we shouldn't vacuum food into our stomachs!  Another bump.

We ended up waiting fifteen minutes to get on a bus, only to be on it for 30 seconds while it turned a corner where the driver told us all to get out and wait for another bus.  What the eff?  Did I mention that I hated the TTC?  I live on the west side of Toronto and I am pretty sure that we are a forgotten bunch over here when it comes to transportation.  The service is deplorable. 

So again, that whole moving thing is eating away at me.  So I tell Dave that it would be faster just to walk the rest of the way.  So that pass we bought for $9.00? Yeah, only used it for 30 seconds.  Awesome waste of money.  Crappy bump again.

Enter Wal-Mart.  Well, I don't even have to explain to you guys do I?  Wal-Mart, on a Sunday, around the holidays.  But I did end up getting really fun things!! Garland with holly, a set of lights for the window, a pretty glass vase to hold ornaments in, some scented candles and a reed diffuser for the bathroom.  I also bought THE neatest wall embellishments for super cheap!! Long bamboo branches that creep up the wall, in wallpaper form.  Only not a full sheet of wallpaper, just the paper branches themselves are sticky.  And they go directly on your wall and are easy to peel off.  Genius!

I also needed a replacement zipper for my winter jacket, some stickers because they are fun, and a cross-stitch.  The cross-stitch will come in handy for the week coming, and I will tell you why in a second. 

So we get home and I am happy that the adventure is over and I can start decorating.  Only the bamboo wall embellishments were a bit more difficult to put up than I had thought, I could not for the life of me get the lights to go up in the window, I discovered that one of my cats had peed on the floor, and I only had one beer to drink throughout the whole process.  Have mercy!!

But, it all ended up getting done in the end.  With only one instance of me having to sit on the couch and count to a hundred.  And now I am happy that my apartment looks festive and beautiful.  BUT, the worst part of this whole day was when I discovered that the writing course I am taking has forbidden me from reading for a whole week.  And I mean reading ANYTHING.  Books, websites, blogs, newspapers, anything that has words.  I can't even watch television because the whole point is to make me sit in silence and concentrate on nothing, and reading and television only work to pull my brain in a million different directions.  Hence, the cross stitch.  It will allow me to focus, to sharpen my thoughts into one coherent direction while busying my hands doing something enjoyable and mundane.

So I guess, my lovely blog friends, I have to listen to this crazy person if I want to say that I gave this course a shot with my entire being, because I do want to do that.  It has been pretty amazing so far.  I will write more about it when I am finished with it, because it has been an extremely emotional journey for me up to this point.  If you want to read about the 12 week course, click here. 

It is pretty much going to kill me a little that I cannot stay updated on all of your blogs this week, but exciting because I will put aside my Sunday to get all caught up.  It will be a glorious day of reading all the blogs I love and look forward to reading on a daily basis.  I will still be here writing away, because I am allowed to do that at least, so you will see me around, but I won't be able to comment back to your comments that I so appreciate.  Don't worry though! I will get back to every single one on Sunday!!  Ugh, this is going to be very hard for me.

Creative epiphany, here I come!

Everyone take care!

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