The Natural Essentials: Acne Prone Skin Care

by - November 24, 2009

I learned long ago that my skin is very, VERY finicky.  When I would put a store bought product on it, it would kick and scream and throw a temper tantrum so loud that people in the next city would hear it.  They mistook the sound for thunder and hail, but no, it was my face acting up in protest.

So I pretty much had no skin care regimen all throughout my teens and into my early twenties.  I was one of those people you hated: perfect, blemish-free skin.  My skin glowed.  I never wore any make-up because well, I didn't need to.  Strangers would stop me on the street and ask my face for it's autograph.  Sincerely.  And then I turned twenty three and BAM!!! Acne prone skin came to visit and decided it was here to stay.  Great.  Adult acne.  I mean, I know I had it easy as a teenager, avoiding all the teasing from mean bullies about something that teenagers couldn't help, but man.  Adult acne? I had watched my sister experience it at the exact same age a few years before me, and I knew how frustrating it could be.

So, I tried everything.  Every product out there that promised me it would clear up my acne IN JUST ONE USE!  And my old friend the skin screamer would rear it's ugly face and protest and throw insults out into the world in the form of redness and dry skin.  Nothing worked for me.  Now, keep in mind: I am very lucky.  My breakouts are never that bad, and I have learned what my face loves, what nourishes it and doesn't strip it down to it's naked bits a few layers down.

You may have deducted at this point that I only use natural products on my skin, and I am telling you, they work.  Here is my daily skin regimen:

In the morning before I apply my makeup, I wash my face with cool water, and  after drying apply a thin layer of apricot kernel oil.  I know! Oil right??? You would think that if you already had an oily face that adding more oil to it would make it break out.  It doesn't at all.  It works so much better for me under make up.  You will find that your concealer will spread evenly and won't streak, and the oil seems to just disappear as it is very light.

For your nighttime regimen, use these tips for an amazing at home facial (stop thinking perverted thoughts Katherine, stop thinking perverted thoughts).  Try to stick to this every night and you will notice that your face is gorgeous, free of redness, and best of all, clears up your acne.

-Pour a tablespoon of olive oil into your palm.  Do not wash your face first.  Gently massage the oil with the tips of your fingers all around your face, paying attention to your problem spots.  Massage for 2-3 minutes.  Let stand on your face for 5 minutes.

-While you are waiting for your olive oil to soak into your pores and extract all the yuck, dip a clean wash cloth into hot water.  As hot as you can stand.  Keep in mind that the trick is not to scald your face, just steam it to open your pores.  Drape the washcloth over your face and let cool.  Gently drag down your face, removing the olive oil.  Rinse in hot water and apply to your face again.  Continue doing this until all oil has been cleared from your face.  Do not scrub!

-Now, to close your pores, you will need to use a toner.  In a regular sized jar or bottle, mix tea tree essential oil and water together.  My bottle is a sake bottle, so half the size of a coke bottle.  I use around 20 drops of oil, and the rest cool water.  Soak a cotton ball or cotton pad and gently apply all over your face.  Let dry.

-And now for the moisturizer.  Just a simple aloe vera and olive oil mixture will work wonders to moisturize your face, clear up redness, and heal any blemishes.  You can buy pure aloe vera gel (unscented) from any beauty care store, as long as it is pure.  Mix in your palm with a few drops of olive oil and apply.  Or, if you have an aloe plant, use the juice directly from the plant mixed in with the olive oil.  You can make a little lip balm sized jar of this and keep it in the fridge for up to three days.

And there you have it.  If you were ever interested in using natural products on your face instead of ones that have chemicals that may harm your delicate tissues, use these at home mixtures.  Or, if you love your current product and don't want to fully switch to a natural recipe, just give it a try on a Sunday evening, to rest your skin from the product it is used to.  It is relaxing, and it makes your skin feel soft and clean.

There are so many other natural products you can make at home with items in your fridge or stored away in your cupboards.  Be creative! Do some research and see which product you like best, and which ones are fun to make.


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