Re-cap of the Same Crap

by - November 06, 2009

So life has been crazy lately.  As usual it seems.  But the funny thing about it all is that even though I feel like a maniac a lot of the time, when I reflect back on my week I haven't really done anything.  That's what stress does to you.  It makes you feel like you are wound so tight that you are going to let go one day and ricochet to the moon.  Wouldn't that be nice!  On the way home from work today Dave went into our favorite coffee shop to grab us a cup of joe, and it seemed to be taking forever.  It wasn't at all, Jess (who is very wise) pointed out that when we are forced to run around like rats all day the way we are, it is strange to go out into the real world and see how people really pace themselves.  Normally.  Not like people who have their fingers stuck into an electrical socket.

But enough about work, it's Friday and I am not allowed to talk about it.  On to bigger and better things.  Such as: another installment of...the stupid conversations we have when we are tired!!!  If you have not read episode one of this epic series, you can do so here.   Today's episode happened last night, as Jess and I were walking home from sewing class.  Our conversation went a little like this:

Me: So when is your friend visiting?

Jess:  On Tuesday.  He is happy because he is getting a cheap ride from Montreal to Toronto.  Although I think he should be paying him (the guy who offered the ride).

Me: What?  Who is paying who?

Jess: My friend V is getting a ride with someone who posted an ad asking for $15 and for the person (V) to drive the whole way.

Me: Ummm? What? So the person who owns the car wants whomever needs the ride to drive their car? And for THEM to pay HIM?

Jess: Yeah.  Because he wants to read.

Me: Read? Reeeaaad?  Is that slang for something?  Is that street talk for smoking pot?

Jess: No, I mean read.  Like a book.

Me: What the??? The guy wants to READ??? How strange is that?  He just wants to read while V drives his car and pays him?

Jess: Yeah.

Me: Woah. 

And this is how your tired brain works.  I heard 'read him' come out of her mouth at some point as well.  As if the owner of the car just wanted to stare at her friend V the whole way.  As in study him.  And that's why the ride was so cheap because he would be riding with a perverted weirdo.

Oh little brain, one day I will give you a rest.

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