Another One Has Come and Gone...Part 1

by - December 23, 2009

Another birthday has come and gone.  This is sad for many reasons, the main one being that I can no longer use the 'but it's my birthday!' card anymore.  For a month, this is what I use in order to act like a baby and be pampered.  And sometimes it works! But mostly it doesn't, and just invites eye rolls and disdain from those I say it to. It's like Russian roulette, maybe I will win and maybe I won't.  And now I have to wait an entire year to play the game again.

The past couple of weeks have been pretty eventful with the last few days being no exception to that rule.  And I wanted to write down everything I have done lately, for posterity.  Because we all know how I love future generations!  I think though, in order not to bore the poop out of you, I will split them up into three separate posts so that you may peruse as you wish.

PART 1 of Kato's Birthday Extravaganza

The night before my birthday I attended my first ever symphony with Dave.  Since Dave is a composer and lover of classical music, he of course has been wanting to go for a while now.  I also think that everyone should experience a symphony performance at least once in their life, if not to enjoy the beautiful music, but to gain their own impressions of the experience as a whole.  Because it is so close to Christmas, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra put on a performance of Handel's Messiah at Roy Thompson Hall, which was also a first for me as I have never been there before.  I love the buildings in Toronto, and I feel grateful when I get to visit them and be a part of the rich folk (even if they can see right through me, straight to my rags).

Here are a few of my impressions:

I want to be the lead violinist.  She is treated all special and shit.  The conductor gives her a kiss and she is the one who helps everyone tune up at the beginning of each part, and it sounds nice.

If I was the lead violinist, I would look just as hot as she did, only I would make sure that my shoes weren't so sensible.  I mean, I get they probably are more comfortable in flats, but I'll be damned if I don't wear a hot pair of stilettos being the lead violinist.

I might want to marry the conductor, but only if he danced around the same way that he did during this  performance.  At times he resembled a cat about to pounce one a toy.  You know when they shake their butt from left to right and then POUNCE!  That was what he did.  No guff.

I LOVED the choir.  Way more so than the individual singers.  I hate to say that because I know how much work those people have put into their craft, but give me a hundred soaring voices any day and I am pleased as punch.

I thought I would be bored and I so was not.  There was so much going on at all times that it was hard to keep your eye on one thing at a time.  The musicians were obviously phenomenal, and I loved watching each one do their thing.  It was mesmerizing.

All in all, a great lead into my birthday day.  And in wonderful rich person style we picked up McCrap, came home and right away got out of our 'nice clothes' and watched Destroyed in Seconds.  While eating a cheeseburger.  Ah yes.  Welcome to your thirties Kato.

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