Holiday Party, Yes Please!

by - December 14, 2009

Just got back from a holiday party, and it was fantastic!  I was a dancing queen.  I literally did not stop all night.  And so I present to you, a few pictures of the evening.

My sister and I.  So different, but two peas in a pod.

I am a sucker for a nicely made table.

Unfortunately, not in the bag.  I just look like that.

I consumed many drinks tonight, but was not drunk.  It was probably a good thing that I wasn't.  Even sober I was busting out such classic dance moves as 'the lawnmower', 'the shopping cart' and my personal fave, 'the sprinkler'.  I am only sorry that there are no photos of my dancing, because I promise all of you that I stole the show tonight.  I really did.  I was John Travolta crossed with Lady Gaga, and what a lovely mash up that was.

I attended this same party last year and was too anxious about not knowing anyone to really let loose, but this year I let go of my anxiety and just didn't care.  The shoes came off and my feet were flying.  It was a good time.

Anyway, sorry about the lame post, but it's almost 3AM and I have to get up early tomorrow.  I am doing something pretty exciting on Tuesday: I was asked to be a model for a friend, during an interview that she has with the big folks over at Proctor and Gamble.  I will write more on the subject and possibly have a few pictures to go along with it, but not until it's done and I can safely tuck away my nervousness to be used for another occasion.  

Cheers to the holidays and being busy!

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