I Would Say Yes

by - December 10, 2009

A conversation between Dave and I:

Dave:  Okay so...birthday present.  I need to ask you questions about what I have already got you, but I need to do it without giving it away.

Me:  I have a better idea, let's play 20 questions so that I can guess what it is!

Dave:   No...I don't think...

Me:   Okay!  Is it a book? No?  Hmmm.  A CD?  Movie? No?

Dave:   I am not going to tell you.

Me:   Why are you being so cryptic?  Is it a wedding ring?

Dave:   Uhhh nooo.  Better then a wedding ring.

Me:   Really??? OH MY GOD IS IT A PLAYSTATION 3?!!

Dave:   No.

Me:  An H20 mop?  You know I have always wanted one of those!

Dave:  No.  You get nothing.  Goodbye.

Sigh.  My excitement sometimes exceeds this life.  Especially when it comes to my birthday.

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