Obligatory New Year's Post # 1

by - December 31, 2009

This year has been an interesting one.  It has seen both dark times and times of light so blinding that all I could do was close my eyes and bask in the warmth.  Of my friends.  And my love.  Family.

So on this cold night before New Years Eve, I wanted to make a little list, of all the things that I did and that made me happy in 2009:

1.  Saved my cats life, when many people told me it was impossible.

2.  Pushed myself in exercising, in the dead heat of the summer even.

3.  Visited a place that was a childhood memory (scenic caves), and it was amazing.

4.  Joined a sewing class and loved it.

5.  Tried new things, even if they were outside my comfort zone.

6.  Started writing again.  This one is a big one for me.  I had left it behind for too long and only realized how much a part of my life it was when I was faced with what I was missing.

7.  Started reading a lot again.

8.  Finished a story I had started a couple of years ago.  I am proud of it.

9.  Made my blog public.  I was terrified to do that.

10.  Had a modelling gig!

11.  Turned 30. Finally.

12.  Learned to take pride in where I live, even if it is not my own house.  I love my apartment and what we have been able to do with it so far this year.

13.  Went to a spa for the first time.  And enjoyed it.  Unheard of!

14.  Finally visited the mysterious Crystal Ballroom.  And stayed at the King Edward Hotel.

15.  Started a writing course on my own, and it has taught me so much.

16.  Went to my first symphony and thought it was beautiful, not boring!  Also saw Daniel Johnston in concert.  He is amazing.

17.  Finally have a new computer! Thanks Dave!

18.  Treated myself to my own space.  Bought myself a desk and made myself a creative little spot that I love more than anything.

19.  Cut a lot of my hair off.  I will never go back.

20.  Visited a castle and ran around like a child who had too much sugar.  Such a fun experience.

This year, I found myself again.  I was lost in stuff that was not me, that did not make me happy.  But I have learned so much from that experience.  And in dealing with the darkness that came along with that, I found light.  I started writing again, and my stress has seemed to diminish in waves.  Each word I have written found it flowing away from me.  Like I said to Dave earlier today, I feel like I am in training for something.  I am not sure what, but I feel that whatever it might be, it's going to be good.

I cannot wait for what 2010 will bring.  For my life list for 2010, click here.

Stay tuned to the obligatory New Years Post # 2!

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