The Way We Are

by - December 05, 2009

Last night I was a bit anxious about the coming day (today) because I knew I would be attending my cousin's baby's first birthday party.  I had my whole weekend planned and it was a busy one involving the party, cleaning, and working.  So I wanted to get to bed a little earlier last night so that I wouldn't be a zombie who crashed the party.  I most likely would have scared the guests what with my shuffling gait and peeling, bloated skin: a persona I naturally don after only a few hours of sleep.

Unfortunately I did not go to bed at a desirable time on account of Catch Me If You Can being played on CBC.  Damn that movie and all it's goodness!  So I stayed up way too late, and fell asleep at a staggering 4AM knowing that I had to wake up not too long later.  It was a little nap, if you will.

I woke up an hour late as usual, and knew that my allotted time to do everything I needed to do was now cut down by 60 entire minutes.  I needed to shower, run out for some food for my cats because I forgot to cook for them last night, buy a bus ticket, and look forward to an hour of traveling ahead of me.  Did I mention that I can't STAND being rushed?  I actually hate it more than anything, yet I do this to myself all the time. 

So, shower out of the way, I leave the house with Dave still sleeping to go and pick up a can of something or other for the kitties.  On my way I admire the pretty patterns the ice makes as it skims across the top of puddles.  Although, still no snow on the ground!  Except for that one light dusting last week, no snow.  But it's coming!  The whole week coming up they are calling for it.  Excitement!

But I digress.  I am on a timed mission here and the icy patterns are trying to lure me towards the dark side of slacking and being late.  I buy the ticket, food for the furry ones, and stop off at our favorite breakfast place to pick up a latte and slice of banana bread for Dave.  Because I am awesome like that, you know?

I get home, wake Dave up with promises of a hot latte waiting for him downstairs, feed the cats and am putting on my jacket to go when my phone rings.  It's my mother.  Telling me that the party is tomorrow.  Man.  Good thing I didn't rush all morning!  Good thing I got all that extra sleep and am not super tired right now!  Turns out my mom was all ready to go as well and she was waiting on my sister.  Seeing that her car was not in the driveway, my mom called her to ask her where she was.  My sister responded that she was at the mall looking for a dress (when is that girl NOT looking for a dress? It's like she is trapped in a nightmare cycle of trying to find one).  My mom freaked out a little and said she needed to be there to go to the party!!  My sister calmly responded with, "The party is tomorrow, fool".  My mother answered with "Oh", and then proceeded to call me to tell me that the party is tomorrow, fool.

Thank god she caught me.  I would have been halfway across the city already if I had left on time.  And it was my sister, the one who has her head in the clouds, the daydreamer, who set us straight.  Now I have to work today instead of tomorrow, and go through the same anxiety tonight about the party that is tomorrow, fool.

Oh the mind of a lunatic!

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