Went Off Without a Hitch

by - December 07, 2009

So, kid's birthday party was awesome, everything went as planned.  I made it to the east end in one piece.  It's funny that I say that because I think I have become a west end snob.  I grew up in the east end, it was all I knew for the first 20 years of my life (I didn't live there, but have family that does, so I was there often), and when I first moved to Toronto West I thought it was strange.  They really are like two opposite worlds.  So even though being in the east is a bit weird, it's also a sweet trip down memory lane.  Today was no exception to that rule, and I found myself missing it like crazy when I passed many familiar spots from my childhood.  Plus, my family lives there, and I love the shit out of them.  Plus number two, that kid raked it in today with the presents.  He only has to wait 19 more days for round two.

Speaking of birthdays around the holidays...my birthday is three days before Christmas and I don't remember ever scoring like that.  I feel cheated.  Well not really.  Because my mom brought me my birthday present today and I opened it.  I already knew what it was so it was alright, but now I won't have anything to open on my actual birthday.  Sigh.  The plight of an impatient birthday girl.  Anyway, I got a sewing machine! A beautiful, shiny, brand new sewing machine all my own to hug and love and tuck in beside me at bedtime.  I know that might not be exciting to some, but a sewing machine!!! It's joyful, believe me. 

And now to completely change the subject on you guys, which I am GREAT at doing on account of having one of those minds that thinks of 10 different things at once, I got home today from 'cutest kid in the world's birthday extravaganza' and after making out with the sewing machine for a little while, I parked myself on the couch and turned the television to my favorite channel, The Weather Network.  Yes, it needs bold italics.  Even though their newscasters are incredibly lame, and it's always a toss up that they will be correct when it comes to the forecast, I love that channel.  The soothing music, chosen carefully to deter me from throwing things at the screen when bad weather news is being broadcast, makes me happier then a girl born in winter, in a snowstorm.  Speaking of which!!! A very large storm front will be rolling in to this here city on Wednesday!  Ten plus centimeters of snow, followed by 20 plus millimeters of rain.  I will ignore that last part because the soothing music made me happily forget that they mentioned rain at all. Ten plus centimeters of snow!  I know I don't have to tell you how excited that makes me.  Storms always create such a feeling of comfort in my soul.  Knowing that something is coming at you like that, and planning your day around it so that you can make it home before it starts, to create a nest of warmth and comfort and video games, makes me stupidly happy.  I am sure everyone in the office who hear my updates on the weather every hour want to hang me from the ceiling and torture me by paper clipping my eyeballs open and stapling my feet.  I just get that impression from the constant 'uuughhhs' that float out of various offices to accompany my weather reports.  I am doubly sure that when I start running from window to window yelling like a maniac that it is snowing doesn't earn me any brownie points either.  And when I force people to come outside with me so they don't miss the first snow...hmm...I wonder if that's why there was no raise this year?

And last but not least from my post of randoms for the day, my reading deprivation is over!  I am not sure exactly what I learned from it, but I do know that I am great at sticking to something, and  even better at counting down the seconds until it's over.  I am currently catching up on blogs I have missed for the week (and how I have missed you!) while eagerly reading the novel I had to put down a week ago.  I have been clutching it to my chest all day, cooking with it, going to the bathroom with it, and when anyone tries to take it away from me a I curl up into a ball and whisper "Please.  Please don't take it away again".  Yeah, the week away was that bad.

So, I am back.  From a strange lonely world where words didn't exist, and everything seemed flat and uninspiring.  I am ready to be inspired!  And ready for the snow!

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