All I Want For Wednesday Is...

by - January 20, 2010

This house:

Located on Cambridge Street in Manchester (ENGLAND!!! I just fainted), this 3 bedroom house can be purchased for a cool 235k (Canadian).  Ummm really?  Am I reading this right?  I have ALWAYS heard/ been told that purchasing real estate in the UK is crazy expensive.  This makes no sense to me.  For that kind of money you can buy a box in an alley in Toronto.  I am not even kidding.  And look how cute! And I would LIVE in England.  Blimey!

So along with my new, perfect abode, hopefully one right beside the local chippie shop, I would need a new job.  And since I have a severe love for libraries, almost to a fault, this could be my job:

Library Assistant

The Kings School
14 Jan 2010
Head of Foundation
Contract Type
Part Time
Job role
Secretary & admin
Industry Sector
Support Services, Public
Library Assistant
£7.73-£8.84 per hour

Oh my.  I could make just enough money to consume as many bangers as I wished.  Not enough for the mash though.  But who cares? I would be happier than a Kato on a comfy couch, drinking a big glass of wine and playing GTA 4.

Ah yes.  And since my post here is done, I will end with a 'Bob's your uncle' and leave it at that.

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