All I Want For Wednesday Is...

by - January 27, 2010

A giant cake with fondant icing. 

I need to be honest here: this is how a cake would turn out if I tried to bake one.  I am sure the artist over at The Cake Ninja did her very best to MAKE it look this way.  I wouldn't need to try because it would fall over and that would be that.  I am sure it would taste great though!

I love that cake decorating has become such an art.  What I don't love are all the shows on the Food Network (and elsewhere), all the 'reality' shows about cake decoarating.  They are taking something fun and pretty and turning it into a laughing stock what with their lame shenanigans (I am talking about you Cake Boss). 

When I was a kid I HATED cake.  I hated that soft buttercream icing that all bakeries seem to use, it was so gross.  So when I learned about fondant it seemed too good to be true!  Just a few month ago I was able to partake in the beauty of one of these cakes and it was....OK.  Not great. 

So I am determined that this V-Day, I will make my own fondant cupcakes and they will be SUPERB.  If they end up being good, I will virtually share one with all of you lovely people. 

Have one on me anyway.  I am sure these ones are delicious:

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