I Never Did Own A Lemonade Stand!

by - January 13, 2010

Can I get an AMEN?!

I am overwhelmed by all the love this week (and always) and Ian over at The Daily Dose of Reality has shown me some more love by throwing this award my way today!

And on top of that, Lisa Marie over at The Domestication of a Party Girl has very wonderfully granted me with the same award!

I cannot even thank you enough.  In the short while that I have been reading Ian's blog, I am blown away by his honesty, his wit and his way of telling it like it is.  You really need to head on over there and follow this guy to the ends of the blogging earth.

And Lisa Marie, can you say 'sister from another mister'?  Her writing style is one I am envious of, and she likes video games! VIDEO GAMES! She owns the key to my heart.  You need to get on over there and click her follow button because you never know what she is going to throw out there on a daily basis, you just know that whatever it is will be fantastic.

So thank you again! I appreciate it Ian, and I return the love tenfold.

Thank you Lisa Marie, I look forward to reading your work for a long time to come.

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