I Woke Up On the Wrong Side of Life Today

by - January 05, 2010

Today, I was the walking, talking epitome of someone who woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  If the universe was a bed, I woke up on the side I had no familiarity with.  It was THAT kind of day.

So I tried to do all that I could to turn my frown upside down.  It's all about positive thinking right?  I didn't WANT to be the way that I was today.  I hate being a grouch face.

So when I looked at the temperature this morning before leaving for work, I tried to make it better by noting how gorgeously it was snowing out there, and I couldn't wait to walk in a quietly beautiful winter wonderland.  And then the -22 degrees Celsius wind took that snow and threw it in my face, stinging my eyes and cheeks like little pellets of shrapnel.  Beautiful indeed.

And then I told myself, 'Be grateful that you have your health Kato. Not everyone can say that in the world'.  And then I had an embarrassing coughing fit directly into the ear of the person I was having a tele-conference with today.  Great.  Also, I used the line "There is no way in hell that..".  To a manager.

When I went to go and get a sub for lunch, the only thing that I ever wanted in this world right now, for my lunch, and found out that they were closed just for today, which is a first in my five year history of going there, I thought 'that's OK'.  I would go and get a falafel.  Which made me feel sick for the rest of the afternoon.  But I have my health!

I also got rid of my Christmas tree this evening.  I was growing tired of all the pine needles being carried throughout my apartment because the tree was so dry.  I didn't want to face the task of taking it out, but I looked on the bright side that I would finally be free! So we manhandled it through the apartment, down the stairs, and out the front door.  I smiled to myself, feeling cleansed and new. And turned around to face the SEA of needles covering the stairs, and the floor of my apartment.  THE SEA.

I then thought it might be nice to unwind and calm down with a tumbler of whiskey for the evening.  A nice way to chill out and relax, and allow the stress of the day to roll off me in waves.  I opened my cupboard to extract a whiskey glass, and the door fell off.  Honestly.

At that point, all I could do was laugh at the silliness of this entire day.  Now where's that gigantic whiskey I ordered?

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