Mash Up of Beauty and Inspiration

by - January 04, 2010

I had a bit of a busy weekend.

Some of that business consisted of a very good friend of mine returning from her worldly travels and finding a place here in Toronto close to me.  Which makes me happy!  In this return, she also gathered up the few things that she had left for us to use in her absence: pretty shifty cubes that worked as an entertainment unit, a vacuum cleaner and some fabulous decorative mirrors.  What a doll right? I know!  Anyway, with the procurement of her stuff, Dave and I are now faced with a pretty exciting prospect;  buying new furniture for our family room.

Even though we are college-dorm-ghetto at the moment, the wide blank space is very inspiring.  So many ideas, and we always find it fun to discuss all of our thoughts before actually buying.  I think that if I had it my way, things would look a little like this:

I am not sure that Dave would love these choices, but a girl can dream...

There is something about decorating a house with the one you love.  It becomes not a house, but a home.

Welcome home J! I missed you!  Thank you one thousand times over for the use of your wonderful stuff, and for making our house feel more like a home for the past year.

If you like these pictures, go and check out Mimi Charmante over at her beautiful blog.  She inspires me to want to have a beautiful home.  Honestly, the woman is amazing.

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