Rants in My Pants

by - January 08, 2010

And I present to you another version of Rants in My Pants, a place on my blog where I complain about the worldly injustices I am faced with on a regular basis.  Now don't get me wrong, I am not trying to take away from the greats (please click here and here), it just needs to happen every once in a while so that I may make sense of what is going wrong with the world today.

For instance:

Today I had to find a store where I could purchase a can of tuna.  It couldn't just be any old can of tuna, it had to be specific to my needs because as a rare treat, I was going to feed the contents of the can to my cats.  I had run out of food this morning when I fed them their breakfast and since I cook their food for them, I would not have time to do so when I got home, as they would already be gnawing off their own legs.  I had to make sure the can contained as little sodium as possible, and that it was chunky and not flaky.  I know, I am flaky for caring so much but what can I say?

Because it was so cold, Dave and I decided to forego our regular, safe corner store and go to one just down the street from work as it would cut down on our time we had to walk home in the Arctic temperatures.  The store that we chose is one that I have a personal, evil history with, but we had no choice.  Let me give you a little background as to what happened a few years ago to make me not like this place.

First of all, this store is VERY over-priced.  I am not sure where they get off thinking that's OK, as there are at least 5 other corner stores in the general area.  Secondly, nothing has price tags on them.  So it's like they make it up as they go along, whatever price tickles their fancy that day.  On the occasion in question, I was late catching a train to Montreal in one of the WORST snow storms in my long history of snow storms.  Ice pellets, snow, rain, thunder, you name it, it was armageddon out there.  And all I needed was a damn tube of toothpaste.  So I slushed my way to the store and bought a tube.  An over-priced tube that had me shaking my head but hey, I was in a bind right?  They could probably smell my fear.

Two and a half minutes later, I got home and the toothpaste was not in the bag.  I had bought a few other things so I didn't notice.  I put my boots on and headed right back to the store.  I explained the situation, and showed them the contents of my bag, also proving to them by careful scrutiny that there was no hole in the bag.  Do you see where this is going?  First she told me to go back out into the storm and look for the toothpaste along the way.  One step ahead of you sister! I did that on my way BACK to the store, and no toothpaste!  Then she told me that I had taken it and was LYING to try to get a second tube for free.  WHA?? WHY?  Anyway, to make a long story short, I bought ANOTHER tube of toothpaste, because I had to go.  Shoddy!

So today, I need some tuna.  I pick up two cans that are of the same brand, same weight, the fish probably came out of the same egg sac that's how alike they were, and I bring them up to the counter for purchase.  Of course, no price tags on them.  So she rings them through and both come to $4.98.  I decide that since I am probably going to cook something for them tonight anyway, they would most likely be just fine with only one can in the meantime.  I ask her to make it only one can please.  She voids the total and rings the one can through: $3.98.  Ummm...

I asked why two cans cost only $4.98 when one can cost $3.98.  Does this make sense to any of you?  I asked her if there was some sort of deal going on, and her answer was to shrug her shoulders and ring the can through again to make sure.  $3.98.  So I asked her again if that made any sense?  I genuinely just wanted to know. Her answer?  "Uhhh....I dunno".

Really?  REALLY?  Maybe if there were price tags on things, and you didn't run a crappy business, you would know.

And here ends this edition of Rants in My Pants.  Thank you.

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