Slow, Lazy Day

by - January 24, 2010

I am listening to the rain fall on the skylight and it makes me happy.  There is currently a huge snow storm rolling across the Prairies right now, and we are also being affected by it here in Ontario, only with very heavy rain.  They are also calling for strong winds overnight so I have my flashlight handy in case the power goes out.  I love days like today.  Dave and I went and took care of all of our errands yesterday because I knew this storm front was rolling in today.  You could say that I am a bit obsessed with the weather.  But because of my planning ahead we are able to stay in all day, enjoy a lovely leisurely breakfast, with a casserole on the menu for later, and we can enjoy a warm and cozy night in.

I also just started a new video game (Ghostbusters for XBox 360) and when I start a new game it's all I can think about.  I beat Tomb Raider last night (not as frustrating as the first time I attempted it) and was a bit disappointed with the ending.  I am also on the fence about Ghostbusters as well.  I want to carry on about how cool it really is.  I mean, Atari, Sony Computer Entertainment, Columbia Pictures and many more cool folks all had a hand in producing this game.  Also, the movies (1 and 2) are both my all time favourite movies and it's cool that the original cast wrote and star in the video game.  The original score is present, and many of the same sound affects were used which makes the game pretty rock solid in that sense.  But I don't know...something is falling flat with me.  Perhaps I will play it all the way through and feel differently, but until then, I am not sure if I love it.

I also started exercising again because of all you awesome folks and your inspiration to make me do so.  And I just want to tell you one thing: I. HURT.  Oh man, do I ever.  Every part of my body aches, and I am dreading having to do it all again tonight.  But I will persevere because "if 400 pound people can do it, so can you!". That bitch Jillian Michaels is kicking my ass.  But I love her.

So, that's it for me today.  A light post, and now I shall go and do what I am dreading, just to get it over with.  Maybe by day five it will feel better?  Kristy?  Josh?  Ian?  Tell me it feels better!

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