2009: A Year in Photographs

by - January 12, 2010

I wanted to post a little video of the year 2009, in photos.  So I am sorry that it is so late, but it is something I have been wanting to do for a little while now.  Just before the year ended I wrote a post listing some of the things I had accomplished in 2009 (click here to check out my to-do list for 2010!), and now I want to detail it a bit more with some photos (you know, for the kids).  Because I could not add text to the photos (still learning this whole Mac thing), I thought I would give a quick list of the things I did here, and leave you to guess as to what goes where.

2009 found me at a spa for the first time in my life, as well as my first ever karaoke bar.  Where I sang.  LOUDLY.  Also, my first really good haircut of the year (this is important OK!).  Drinking in various establishments such as old Victorian house bars, and right in front of a fire.  Going to a REAL LIVE early 90s dance party.  Toronto's very own 'castle', Casa Loma.  Cigarette butts everywhere signifying the garbage strike that lasted 3 months.  In a city of 2 million people.  In the summer.  Training to walk up the CN Tower, which never happened, but will!  Bachelorette parties and scenic caves.  A suspension bridge that was a thousand feet high.  Over the treetops.  I though I was going to die because it SWAYED people.  Swayed.  Depeche Mode concert, many weddings, the tornado that stuck Toronto.  Niagara Falls, the walk to end breast cancer, Thanksgiving and more concerts.  The modelling gig, my first ever symphony, my birthday and the abandoned Crystal Ballroom.  Christmas.  With photos of my cats peppering the slideshow, as they were here in 2009, and alive.  This is also important.

So, if you feel like taking a glimpse into my life, please feel free.  Make sure your speakers are not loud, and enjoy the ride.  For those of you who do not wish to view, please feel free to pass go and collect a get out of jail free card.  This time.

Thanks to a great year!  2010 is going to be amazing.  So many things I want to do and see.  And don't worry, I will be documenting it with pictures and words the whole way.

2009: A Year in Photographs from Kato Kaka on Vimeo.

Song is The Arcade Fire, Neighborhood # 1 (Tunnels)

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