All I Want For Wednesday Is...

by - February 10, 2010

A permanent room in the Royal York Hotel.

When Dave and I started dating, we both admitted to having a strange love for hotel rooms.  Who did we think we were, Howard Hughes?  Really though, we have both expressed a desire to live in a hotel.  Or maybe just have a room there, that we owned and could go to whenever we wished.  Wouldn't that be glamorous?

So for our two year anniversary, I booked us a room in one of the swankiest hotels in the city, the Royal York Hotel.  We were blown away by how elegant and beautiful it was.  Wow.  We really did feel like movie stars.

This could be our room.  Or one like it anyway, as they are all beautiful.  Maybe one day, when I am rich, I will buy the whole damn building.

This is NOT a lot to ask for on a Wednesday, is it?

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