Good Song, Strange Video

by - February 15, 2010

My sister had been telling me about a music video for the MGMT song, Kids, so I decided to check it out.  The song is simple and catchy.  But it's the music video that is the star of tonight's post because seems as if they uhh...legitimately scare the dickens out of a poor baby.  With monsters.  Now, even though I laughed a little (uncomfortably) at the video, I couldn't help but wonder out loud if it was causing any serious psychological damage to this child by being scared like that.  So I sought out the 'making of' the video for this song, and well, I wasn't too convinced that the child wasn't completely OK with all of it.  Watch, and see for yourselves.  Poor kid.  For real.

Also, check out the 'Making Of' Video below:


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